About US

Our Vision

To be the leader in continued professional development to uplift the quality of professional dental care in order to reach the highest global standards in Dentistry and Stomatology.

Our Mission

To promote postgraduate education in all constituent branches of Dentistry and Stomatology, while working towards the advance of knowledge, through promoting research and facilitating fellowships among all engaged in practice and research, to strive for the highest ideals, by dedication and serving hand in hand with all governing bodies.

President’s Message

The College of Dentistry and Stomatology of Sri Lanka is an association of dental specialists in Sri Lanka. Since its inception the college, under the abled leadership has worked hard in order to uplift the quality of the dental profession in this country.

I am truly honoured to pen this message as the president of this prestigious college for the year 2020/2021.

Continuing Professional Development of all segments of the dental profession, promotion and technical support for scientific research activities related to the field of dentistry and stomatology and contribution towards the postgraduate dental education in Sri Lanka through the Board of Study in Dental Surgery under the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine are among the main objectives of the College.

Moving forwards,the college has extended its services to the National Medicines Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka providing the expert advices in the registration process of dental materials, instruments and equipments which are imported to the country.This helps to maintain the best possible patient care.

We are in the middle of the COVID -19 pandemic.This is a testing time for everyone.The pandemic has affected both professional and personal lives of everybody.The dental profession is among the worst affected. Due to the adverse situation the normal activities,specially Continuing Professional Development programmes cannot be organized as we did in the past.

Therefore, the college is determined to explore alternative measures and take appropriate actions in order to keep the important college activities moving so that our main objectives are achieved at their best.

I wish everyone good health. STAY SAFE.

Dr. W. M. Senadeera

The President, College of Dentistry & Stomatology of Sri Lanka



About the Organization

We are an association of specialists in dentistry working hand in hand for the amelioration of dentistry in Sri Lanka with a special emphasis in continuous professional development and postgraduate education.

As the leading dental professional body in Sri Lanka, we strive to reach the excellence in dental practice in Sri Lanka through the activities of the college.

The College is the umbrella organization for all the specialties in dentistry in Sri Lanka.  We  have been, since 1980, contributing towards postgraduate dental education through the only Board of Study in Dental Surgery in Sri Lanka belonging to the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine affiliated to the University of Colombo.

We conduct preparatory courses for selection exams of MD in Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery, MD in Restorative Dentistry and MD in Orthodontics in addition to the preparatory classes for Diploma in Hospital Dental Practice.

Highlighting the efforts at continuous professional development, Annual Scientific Sessions conducted by the college is patronized by a great number of dental professionals in Sri Lanka who are hungry to gather new knowledge in the profession.  We organize workshops on various and current topics in dentistry in our endeavor to disseminate knowledge, either a long or in collaboration with other professional associations.

Extending our services to the country, the college in collaboration with the National Medicines Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka, provide expert advice through its membership to regulate the registration of dental surgical and non surgical consumables, dental instruments and equipments brought in to the country. This will help to achieve the highest standard in dental practice in the country  while ensuring the safety of our patients and providing them with best possible care.

Council Members